Is Your Business Paying Too Much For Electricity, Gas & Water?

Did you know that 60% of UK businesses are paying too much for their electricity, gas and water!

If you haven’t had a review of your consumption and costs for over 12 months you are probably paying too much!

We save our clients money by helping them to cut their use of electricity, gas and water and to eliminate waste.

We saved a client in the care home sector £46,000!

We saved a client in the engineering sector £12,000.

Can we help YOU?

Are you:

  • A care home - residential or nursing home that wants to reduce their day-to-day utility bills?
  • School (primary or secondary)
  • Doctors’ Surgery (GPs)
  • Dental Practice
  • ‘Free’ Public House
  • Community Pub
  • Engineering Company
  • Fish & Chip Shop
  • Commercial Property Agent
  • Commercial Property Landlord
    Do you want to avoid having the hassle of a fallout of unpaid utility bills following an unexpected departure of a tenant? We can stop that happening to you! We can ensure continuity of your water, gas and electricity supply and prevent your premises falling into bad credit with the energy companies.
  • Commercial Property Owner
  • Any business wanting to cut their gas, electricity and water bills!

Do you want an experienced team of independent energy consultants to save you thousands?

Call us today on 07721 583 747 or 07879 654 320 to discuss your needs and to organise a free, no obligation assessment and review.

And, do you want this assessment and review for no charge? Yes, it’s FREE!

We don’t charge our clients directly for our services.

We are paid via the energy companies.

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