The Insider’s Guide To Managing Your Utility Bills: Moving Business Premises Edition

There is so much to consider when moving business premises or leases. It could be easy to leave switching over your utilities until the last minute, especially given suppliers’ promises to make it happen hassle-free. However, utilities should be top of your checklist, particularly if the previous incumbents have left […]

Why Is My Energy Bill So High?

Why is my energy bill so high?     We’ve all been there. The quarterly energy bill hits and – as you open it – you recoil in horror from the figure staring back at you. Once you’ve recovered from the initial shock, the endless telephone labyrinth ensues… Press 1 […]

Five Steps to Reduce Your Commercial Water Bill

Five Steps to Reduce Your Commercial Water Bill In 2008, Scotland led a revolution when they deregulated their big water companies and – since then – the utilities sector hasn’t looked back. Although, English-based water services regulation authority, Ofwat, took nearly another decade to catch up. Finally, on 1st April […]

Save Money With Our Domestic Energy Comparison Site

Domestic Energy Comparison Site Double M Business Services are delighted to announce that we can now offer great deals on household gas and electricity bills. We now have a domestic energy comparison site. Please click on the link below https://tinyurl.com/495ruru4 and enter your details to be provided with a great, […]

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