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Help for FSB Members

Double M Business Services is working with FSB Members to save money on their energy costs

Here at Double M Business Services we choose our suppliers very carefully, so we can pass on the most competitive prices to our clients and can ensure you’re on a competitive deal year after year.

FSB colleagues will receive further reductions on our already competitive rates.

Send us your business energy bill for a free, no obligation review of your current rates.

We can give assistance with cutting your energy bills with advice on products and funding and from January 2019 we can help save on your domestic energy bills too!

What are the benefits?

  • We’ll automatically ensure your always on a competitive rate
  • You have complete control – set your own preferences around what you want in a contract and a supplier
  • Saving for FSB Members

Why energy prices are on an upward trend?

The energy market is complex and influenced by many factors. Anything from supply and demand balance, through to political issues, can play a part in the cost of your overall bill.

As well as increases in wholesale costs, other costs in your bill have been rising too.

To help reduce carbon emissions, stimulate investments in renewable technologies and keep the lights on, the government launched a series of support schemes.

These schemes include the renewable obligation and capacity market.

The consensus is that these costs will continue to rise over the coming years.

Renew your contract as early as you can

To reduce your vulnerability to price rises and potentially save money in the long term, we recommend you secure a contract now.

The sooner you act, the further you stay ahead of the market. In certain circumstances we can price up to two years in advance.

When renewing your energy contract speed of execution and timing are key.

Request an Energy Audit

Double M Business Services offer energy audits to help your business identify where you can save energy.

Contact us today to find out more…

Mike Masterson
07721 583 747
[email protected]

Sue Chatton
07879 654 320
[email protected]

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