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Want To Reduce Your Energy & Water Costs?

We show businesses how to:

The world has changed significantly over the last 12 months and all UK businesses are feeling the impact.

Electricity, gas & water are a necessity.

However, these utilities can also be a substantial cost to any business.

NOW could be the ideal opportunity to look at your utility costs!

Key points to consider:

  • You will not get the best deal by renewing with your existing supplier at the rates they quote
  • You will not get the best deal by contacting them and asking for their best price
  • In most cases. if you miss your renewal date, you will be rolled over on to a standard variable rate which could increase your costs by up to 100%. You could also be tied into these rates for at least 30 days.

Due to the current restrictions on travel, we are happy to answer any questions either by phone or email, as Double M can renew and generate new contracts remotely as they can now be signed electronically.

Our network places 50,000 –  60,000 contracts each year. This volume means we can secure very competitive rates and we will ensure that you do not miss a renewal date in the future.

All we need to generate a quote is a full copy of a recent invoice together with the renewal notice, if you have received it.

Call us today to discuss your requirements. Call Mike on 07721 583 747 or Sue on 07879 654 320.

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